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Welcome to Dream Build Success, our mission is to business women of faith globally.

It’s your turn, I want Dream Build Success to show you that you can do “business” God’s way. You can start using your systems you learn and faith to execute your dreams. You can grant yourself the title you’ve been yearning for. You can call yourself a teacher, a speaker, a creator, and profit-focused businesswoman.

You can learn how to do all of that with us here. We are the hub for business owners who are bold and not-ashamed of their FAITH. You can, you truly can build that business that you’ve been tucking away in your thoughts for years. You can do it, and we’re here to help you.

As the Founder, I’ve had the vision a bit of good opportunity to market a million dollar brand. Also, to win a couple of awards like “2013-2015 Top Tax Professional Year”, Smahrt Girl Icon Award, and “2016 Top 40 to Watch”.

But more importantly, I’ve had the honor to work with many individual women like yourself, who were looking for help to heal their brokenness, implement their strategies, or creating a strategy, being bolder in their industry, while not compromising her Christian beliefs.

If you’re looking for something like that, click here and we’ll chat to see if your needs and my skills are a fit.

“Allow God to use you!”

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{Free Webinar Class} The course is going to be an introduction to my success class that I normally teach to my success students. Your time is more important than your coins and this class is going to give a great return on investment. Class Starts Thursday @8PM CST

Class Covers:

Clarity and Vision

Marketing and Branding

Pushing Profits and Sales

Questions and Answer

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The FREE CLASS is changing the business game for entrepreneurs. It’s time to upgrade your business, brand, career, and ministry. Your business needs an upgrade! Learn the mindset, moves, and methods to having a successful business model.

Let’s take a moment, if you stumbled across this blog, 9 times out of 10 you have considered the question, “Is my brand not appealing to my audience? ” I’m here to provide you guys with useful, as well as action steps so sometimes we must address the elephant in the room.

Is Your Brand Unattractive?

I hate to say it but some of the ones I have seen are, and it could be blocking your bank. Now when I say ugly I don’t mean just how it looks, but how it is set up. What are some things that make up an attractive brand?

1. Clear theme.
What colors have you picked for your brand? Is there a meaning behind it? Are the colors showcased throughout all of your social media platforms and your website? Is your styling easily recognized?
To stand out in the market your brand must represented uniquely.

2. Image quality.
Are you putting your best images forward?
As an online businesses your photos are often all a potential client has to judge the quality of your business. Are you requesting premium prices with blurry, dimly lit photos, obvious screenshots, or pixelated?
Poor images create the expectation of poor quality.

3. Business speak.
Though most of us have graduated high school and college, using proper grammar, spelling, and tone are key elements to presenting your brand at its best.
Would you buy from a page full of errors, misspellings and slang? Most likely not, and that’s understandable. Presentation is key.

Overall your brand, especially how it is viewed online becomes a major key in your business. Don’t let simple fixes create a bad impression! Sign up for a brand audit if you need help!

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The KINGDOM SUCCESS CONFERENCE is a powerful live training and equipping conference for faith-based believers and entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

Learn from dynamic Kingdom entrepreneurs, leaders, and powerful voices and get challenged and activated to impact using your influence, mindset, and entrepreneurship.

Most people let life experiences stop them from living their dream life. Instead, they have settled into a mundane existence of getting up going to work, caring for the family and going to bed…to get up and do it all over again. There’s no excitement, no fulfillment…no joy…only days on end of trying to survive.

And just like that Houston, we are LIVVVEEEEE!!!!
Get ready to experience the 2018 KINGDOM SUCCESS Conference. 
The most anticipated live event of the year with God Encounters, Business, Education, and Much Much More!!!! Are You Attending? Find out more bit.ly/2DKs2rI
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Admission To All General Sessions

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Would you like to be a sponsor of the 2018 KINGDOM SUCCESS Conference hosted by Dream Build Success and LaShanda Gary? Email us today, to receive details if you have any questions.


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Ready To the Discover Kingdom Success

We’re excited to unveil Kingdom Success, a brand-new book made especially for Dream Build Success enterprise friends and followers. Your personal growth, ministry, business, and marketing will discover the limitless possibilities in her new book.

“Launching ideas that create free-flowing opportunities and income is a lot like driving a car for the first time. For some, it’s really scary, strange, and unfamiliar. It requires faith, courage, and boldness of unexpected territory. In other words, “it takes planning and a whole new level of mindset homework.– LaShanda D. Gary


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The insight revealed by creating multiple streams of income, your own business, launching a startup or establishing a non-profit organization is awe-inspiring.


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Kingdom Success is an essential guide for strategic business, project and profit organization. Planning is key when mastering foundations by resolving fundamental questions that remain unresolved.



About Kingdom Success

Are you tired of not being profitable with your talents, or maybe your gift isn’t contributing to the world, and you stuck in a cycle of failure of success?

What if your dream life became less about doing and more about being?  If you need a process of how to produce more strategically. Join the Dream Build Success movement to activate the beginning of your journey towards Kingdom Sucess.

This book walks you through the process of producing high-quality solutions that will accelerate your success and financial freedom. Learn how to create multiple streams of income, leverage your ideas, maximize your opportunities.  This is a ministry, professional, and personal game changer.

So are you ready?  Because once you read this, your work won’t be the same.




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There is nothing worse than knowing you have an amazing brand but no one knows about it. Branding can be such a broad term that makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where to focus your efforts to grow your brand and bank account. In my 30-minute consult sessions, we work together to become clear on how you can stand out and collect your coins. Each strategy session covers:

*An audit of your Social Media page and website.

* A customized plan of action to improve your top 3 weak areas.

*Becoming clear on your ideal client, who are they, where they are, and what attracts them to your brand.

*How to establish yourself as an expert.

*How to promote yourself without overwhelming your audience.

*How to create a month of content in a single day.