It’s Worth The Risk

On June 3rd, I’m hosting a live 1-day conference for entrepreneurs and prophetic voices in the marketplace. The line up of speakers is EPIC and they’ll be training, equipping, and bringing forth the word of the Lord for entrepreneurs in this season.

Our goal is to challenge you to position yourself to influence SUCCESS of people on and offline, make MONEY for yourself, your family, and the Kingdom, and win of SOULS to Christ through entrepreneurship.

This is the season of entrepreneurs and it’s time to stop playing small and DOMINATE our sphere of influence!!!

(((The topics we’re covering, include)))

Brand Training for Entrepreneurs – Because businesses pay MILLIONS to make sure this is done correctly

Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs – Because bad marketing is the #1 reason most books and businesses fail.

Prayer Training for Entrepreneurs – Because God cares about the state of your business and we should be praying STRATEGICALLY to make sure that we’re in the will of God for our lives concerning the marketplace

Prophetic Training for Entrepreneurs – Are you allowing God to speak through you? DO you even know how to hear His voice? If not, this is toooootally for you!

Social Media Training for Entrepreneurs – You may be scared of social media and think its childish, but it’s a chance to use your voice to gain MASSIVE INFLUENCE. Everyone else is being loud and wrong. It’s time for us to stand up and be loud and right!
And much, much more

The SUCCESS Conference will absolutely sellout with this year’s powerful speakers, so click here to get your early bird ticket ASAP. I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Note: We’re almost at capacity. Get your ticket TODAY!

Empowering you to succeed,



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