Success in Houston 

There are times in life when you know deep in your gut that you were meant to have more, become more, create more and impact the lives of others, but you simply don’t know how. Getting in the right place, with the right people and hearing the right information can change that. I’ve always said that information changes the revelations of your life. 
We wanted to ensure we flooded your mind with new information. New insights can give you a fresh perspective, a renewed passion about your life’s work, spark new brilliant ideas and give you the blueprint you need to win. That’s exactly what happened this weekend as Ariana and I poured into hundreds of entrepreneurs who are now ready to Go Big in their lives and businesses!

We had an absolute blast at the Success Conference. The Kingdom Bosses of Houston came out in full force to enjoy a full day of expanding their minds and powering up their marketing efforts.  

It was such a joy to see so many different creative entrepreneurs in one room: From executive chefs, doctors, scientists, CEO’s of the Law firms, to some of the beauty and fashion industry’s finest, there was no shortage of talent in the room!

I’ve gotten several reports from attendees who have increased their income from their social media since leaving the tour.

Our red carpet experience was great. We had the opportunity to partner with KYND Radio. 

So how can you start right now to Expand in life and Business?
1. Set your mind on a non-negotiable decision to get what you want. When you have the determination to achieve a goal you open yourself up to new ideas and opportunities.
2. Write! Write! Write! During one of the sessions, I talked about the power of writing your way to success, which I promised to share about in depth at the In my new book. During our “OMG moment” share time, I was delighted to hear the ladies make the commitment to start writing their lives and manifesting more.

3. Show up where you need to be. There are divine appointments awaiting your arrival that are key in taking your life to the next level.

If you are tired of playing small, need answers, desire more income or need to figure out what’s next; the conference has concluded, but there is a seat at the Success Conference with your name on it!

What are some of your biggest dreams you want to see manifest in 2017? Where in your life or business do you want to Expand? Share about it or ask your questions below, I’d love to help! Watch this video on Facebook or if you’d like to purchase LaShanda’s new book that is currently on pre-sell, click here.

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