Krisann and her husband Gary live in Houston, Texas where she leads Lifestyle of Liberty Ministry as a vehicle of healing for God’s people.  After being widowed at the age of twenty-four, and spending ten years as a missionary to Spain with Gary, Krisann realized that often we aren’t equipped to confront and overcome all that we deal with in life.  Having pressed into God for answers and help, her desire is to transfer the tools and knowledge gained through her experiences and relationship with God so that others can truly live as victoriously as she does now!

Krisann founded Lifestyle of Liberty Ministry in 2012 and has been teaching locally. She has a long history of personal ministry in non-professional Christian counseling.  Encouraged by the interest in her Lifestyle of Liberty class, she wrote a companion book “Walking Out Your Victory”.  Her book and Spanish translation have been transforming lives on an international level.

Krisann is also a CoreClarity Certified Facilitator and enjoys her role as a strengths-based mentor.  She was thrilled to discover in CoreClarity (which uses the Gallup Strenthsfinder assessment) a model which can so perfectly describe the God-given uniqueness of each individual. She is trained to help individuals, couples, and teams, in churches and professional organizations, discover how their strengths can be productively applied. How thrilling when one finds his/her niche! Capitalizing on the talents of each individual allows for increased personal satisfaction, less conflict and much greater collaboration in relationships and organizations.

One of Krisann’s greatest passions is for others to experience the goodness and greatness of God Almighty. She also brings great energy and enthusiasm to her desire to enable others to understand who they are and how to become all they have dreamed of becoming. She loves helping others learn to soar above what has hindered them in the past to live a life of abundance, personally and professionally. Her daily desire is to be “the visible display of the infinite, limitless riches of His grace and kindness which was showered upon us in Jesus Christ.” (Ephesians 2:7 TPT) To God be the Glory!


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