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Franco Charles is the Empowerment Strategist and has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his messages of empowerment, leadership, and purpose for more than 15 years. He acquired his education attending World Harvest Bible College which was founded by Pastor Rod Parsley. As a motivational speaker, author, and minister of the Gospel, Franco is in the unique position of providing his cutting-edge concepts on empowerment with the leading experts on human performance and achievement. He has worked along with many of today’s top CEO’s, revolutionary entrepreneurs, dynamic pastors in mega and medium size churches and company’s around the world.

Franco helps uncover and share the message of empowerment that helps drives organizations to success. He is also the President and founder of Empower Leadership. Franco is highly-valued in his results of producing oriented content along with his profound statements founded on biblical principles. His style has listed him as a favored International keynote speaker to many audiences of 50 to over 10,000 people all over the world.

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