A few days ago we SOLD OUT of all our spots in the 2017 SHIFT Conference! This is one of our quickest sellouts EVER! How amazing, right?

Well, it’s great news- but we woke up to SO MANY emails asking to get in at the last minute.

I went back and forth with my team this morning because we are kicking off and starting to do the MAJOR work this week. After a lot of back and forth- we decided to open up 100 DIGITAL SPOTS for the first people who sign up this morning.


This is it, folks. Your absolute last chance.

When these 100 digital seats are gone, they are GONE!

Click here to sign up now, and don’t miss this opportunity to get started with digital pass

You see, this isn’t just a motivational access. This is an extremely interactive, superbly fun and invigorating one-day event that is going to change lives globally. If you are ready to finally discover the answers to making 2017-2018 your best year yet, then join me to improve your business, ministry development, identify your authentic advantage and eradicate your barriers to your long-lasting success.

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