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In business, there’s always ups and downs. Sometimes the bank account is high and other times it’s low. The latter is very frustrating and I’ve found as an entrepreneur if you want to keep your business growing, you must make money consistently…all the time…everyday.


How can I do this? Well, I’m going to share with you my number one action that I do every day to keep money flowing in my business. (I have a total of five- I will be sharing on my upcoming blog)


Take Daily Action. Nothing happens until something moves. Big results come from consistent small actions. Create a list of actionable tasks that you can do each day and commit to doing them so that you can get results. I use my Productivity and Profit Planner to schedule daily tasks for an entire week. Then I apply my 5×5 rule to each day. This rule is simple and it pushes me and my team to stay on target with daily action. Here is an example if you need to market your business and close more sales:


o Make 10 phone calls to prospects
o Write 10 emails to your mailing list
o Make 10 social media posts to your audience


The more you market and make contact, the more likely you are to secure a sale and create consistent income. Here are a few other things you may need to do immediately to create some synergy in regards to your income strategy:

  • Hire a coach
  • Find a mentor
  • Startover
  • Create a product
  • Take a business course
  • Join a group of like-minded people/entrepreneurs
  • Create your own community of clients


One of my clients started posting on social media using the 10×10 rule and within 24 hours she started getting sales for her custom shirts. Before this she had never sold the items online, it was just a hobby for her. Now, through consistent daily action, she’s earning thousands of dollars a month.


Hope you guys find it helpful, leave me feedback! If you know some sure-fire ways to make more money, please share.


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