Welcome to Dream Build Success… CEO Confessions where we share the untold success secrets of fearless bosses. One major life-changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people, products, process, and purpose. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect with one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident.

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet people who are driven by purpose and passion? Well, get ready to meet some phenomenal speakers at this year’s 2018 Dream Build Success Conference on July 13th and 14th in Houston, Texas.  The Dream Team and myself are super pumped about “The EPIC Shift” we experience at every conference, but this one feels different. You will be empowered and changed when you hear how their personal goals and dreams collide with destiny. Enjoy!




Shalondria Taylor is a dynamic preacher, psalmist, and author.

Pastor Taylor serves as a mentor and role model to countless teenage and young adult women. She is the founder of Young Esthers Inc., a mentorship program designed to empower young women through the areas of intercession, intellect, and influence.

Shalondria is a graduate of Texas Southern University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Music. Currently, she serves as an Associate Pastor at her local church in Houston, Texas.

Pastor Taylor is an anointed evangelist and gifted psalmist that continues to bless the body of Christ with great fervor, faithfulness and a passionate pursuit of the presence of God.

Shalondria shares her powerful testimony of maintaining her purity and remaining a virgin until she is married.

She hopes to inspire and encourage other young women that living a lifestyle of purity and holiness is honorable and attainable.

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