I’ve gotten many questions about growing your mailing list so here are a few of my tips. I switched added Mail Chimp in October 2016 for more options and started building my list from scratch again, so far:

I have reached almost thousands of people on the new list in just under 9 months.

Mailing lists can be tricky to grow if you don’t have consistent or determined efforts. Read on for my growth tips for email lists. I employ three different strategies.:

  1. a) Pop-up opt-in that is still tied to my Mail Chimp list on my site.
  2. b) Call to action from my Instagram page, which can now be added to Instagram Ads with the new business profiles. I hosted two free webinars to boost sign ups to the list.
  3. c) Old school drop your email address below post. Yep, that old school leave your email address below to be added to the list.

For A-

This is the pop-up that comes up when you go to http://www.dreambuildsuccess.com. As of June, I will be researching a new company and my new site so for now this is a great way to still grab the attention of those who are visiting between now and then. Delay your pop-up for 20-30 seconds on your website to allow interested parties to get into your content. Most immediate pop-ups are clicked off as soon as they open. You can also set your pop up to only display when someone is leaving the site.

For B-

Have a cover shot of your opt-in if it’s an eBook, or create a mini video detailing the information and then add your call to action. This gives your audience a better idea of the value of your opt-in and increases their interest.

For example, is this were my free opt-in adding the cover makes it seem more realistic and I can use the caption on my Instagram page to describe what it contains. You could also add in page screenshots for more details.

For C-

ASK! This method takes about an hour a day to manually add in email addresses but it’s added 75-200 people to my mailing list every day for the last 5 days. To make it easier create a spreadsheet and copy/paste the addresses. Save it as a CSV (comma separated value, i.e. separates the email addresses so the mailing list provider will recognize them.) sheet and upload it into Mail.

This looks something along the lines of:

When I hosted this free webinar not only did my mailing list grow but I ended up with nearly 3x as many sign-ups that I normally would. The caption here was to add your email address below to register for the class and receive more information. The class went so well that I have to host a third one on Jun 23rd for those who were not able to log in because all of the seats filled quickly. Do you want to learn how to host webinars that grow your lists and your income?

Let me know if you have any questions.


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