Today let’s focus on schedules!! Yes, the infamous schedule. Try using -> – Your Personal Scheduling Assistant Scheduling detailed meetings in Gmail for project management. This is perfect for scheduling those big meetings!!!
Quick Tip and Run Down!!!
I took a few minutes to give you my typical day. My day typically starts every morning at 5AM, I just like the mornings. You have to find what time you are most productive, this will ensure you have the most bang for the buck!!
1. “Keep schedule in large blocks of time (8AM–10AM, 3PM–6PM) keeps me free to work toward goals without schedule paralysis.”
2. “Mornings are absolutely sacred! Before lunch, no meetings/calls – just heads down work. Afternoons are for admin & meetings.”
3. “To-do lists never go out of style. Start from the top priority & most energy-consuming task.”
4. “I always try to get the most out of my morning –> mediate, watch something inspirational (TED Talk) and look at my day.”
5. “During the day I work in theme blocks like blog content, analytics, social, support and more (helps to avoid multitasking).”
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