LaShanda Gary Honored Internationally by iWORSHIP Magazine

27332244_2024416314550350_844491002435099247_nLaShanda Gary Honored in Internationally by iWORSHIP Magazine

Too God Be The Glory 🙌🏽 I am honored to be recognized globally.

I pray you are enjoying your new year! Listen, as you may have heard and may have seen…I just favored by God to apart of an International Magazine called I-Worship and it is literally taking the world by storm…no exaggeration!

Like our Jan/Feb Issue alone we have people like Hope Carpenter, Lisa Bevere, Medina Pullings, Joyce Rodgers, Heather Lindsey, Linda Trimble, Beth Moore, LaShanda Gary, Haviliah Cunnington and so many more!

iworship magazineIf you don’t know any of these honorees when you get a chance look them up. I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO BE APART OF THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY!

This is like any other major magazine it comes directly to your house, business, or church! This is an inaugural anointing that God is releasing!

This is really big for the Kingdom of God. If you go in any airport or secular bookstore Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or grocery store you will see these magazines…People, Times, HGTV, Forbes, Ebony, GQ, Vogue and so many more…but nothing that represents the Body of Christ.

The release date of the Jan/Feb Issue, which is the second issue since I’ve launched drops next Monday, January 29th. We are believing God for 5000 Subscribers to stand and support this movement by Monday. You can get all six issues for the year for a very low cost of $29.99 and the single issues are $8.99.

Visit and it’s pretty easy from there. Just click (Subscribe).

Stay connected to and to hear about our amazing conference coming this summer.

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