You’ll learn the systems, tools and technology that keeps my business ticking even when I’m not. You’ll learn how to set things up to make the most of your time and efforts — so that your audience is feeling, seeing and believing in you even when you’re not there.

I’ll share with you the tips and strategies for keeping a well-engaged audience and sculpting a business and profile of your customers via research, prayer and listening. And what questions to ask and how to interpret the data.

I’ll share with you the quick and effective ways to create and maintain your brand aesthetics and visuals. This step is crucial. People believe in what they see, so you must make your brand look good.

You’ll learn what goes into delivering and fulfilling on the promises you make to your customers. And how to deliver everything they need, when they need it — in a way that is customized to them.

Finally, you’ll learn how to become and stay a consistent inspiration for your audience, customers and followers. The more you inspire people and add value to their lives, the more they’ll want to do business with you.

This workshop is for the entrepreneur who desires to take their income and influence to the next level.

We have limited seating, we only have 30 tickets left!!! Read some of our testimonials from the Dream Build Success Conference.

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Registration Includes:

VIP or General Admission

Lunch and Coffee Break

Empowered Training

Faith Training

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Hot Seat Training
Advanced Success Skills
*Every Attendee will receive a Success Workbook

VIP Admission    General Admission