Do you find yourself with challenges, frustrating task, not focused? Discover how to build a successful week and up-level your thinking, one step at a time.

Reallocate for Returns

Have you asked yourself, objectively, which piece of your business is crippling growth? It might not be entirely overt, but with a little digging you can almost always identify what pathways you're pursuing that simply aren't delivering a strong yield.

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Your must have social media checklist to keep you on task, on purpose, and relevant. Am I posting in the heat of anger? Proverbs 14:17 Do I have all the facts? Proverbs 18:13 Have I verified the story? Deuteronomy 17:6 Could my post be considered gossip? Proverbs 16:28 Will my post offend a weaker brother? … Continue reading The Ultimate Social Media Checklist