You do not need another idea, you need a mentor and coach to guide you to success.


The Truth Is There is a SYSTEM to GROWING Your Brand and Increasing Your Sales That You’ll Never Discover By Listening to Social Media or Using the “Freebies people give”… 

If You’re

An Experienced (or just starting out) entrepreneur who is struggling to be seen, heard, make an impact and most of all, make sales

Stuck in a cycle of constantly announcing “sales” and discounting your prices in a desperate attempt to get SOMEBODY (anybody!) to buy

Confused, frustrated and…a sideline hater every time a new “5 or 6 figure” entrepreneur pops up on your timeline

Kinda embarrassed that you’ve been at the same level for a while now and starting to wonder if “$10K/mo” is even possible for you



“It’s time to build a phenomenal brand that leaves a legacy!” – LaShanda Gary

DREAM BUILD SUCCESS is a DESIGNED for Entrepreneurs building profitable, strategic, and growth-oriented businesses. We offer a curriculum of classes, digital business documents, private consulting, opportunities to meet global entrepreneurs, brainstorm, ask business questions and get live feedback with step-by-step.

The Truth Is There is a SYSTEM to Growing Your Business and Increasing Your Sales That You’ll Never Discover By Listening to My Virtual Classes or Downloading My Free Tools, etc…

You Should Be…

  • Growing your email list every day without spending money out of pocket, earning thousands of dollars at the same time
  • Exploding your social media following and generate huge influence around your launches and events
  • Receiving repeat business from loyal subscribers and followers who can’t wait to buy whatever you produce
  • Easily earning more than enough money to quit your day job (like, 4-5 figures per month) which would give you the liberty to travel where you want, dress how you want, and do all the things you’ve always you want to do


“You need someone to show you how to reach optimum results.”

When it comes to success, there is more to it than what you “see.” Speaking, blogging, posting on social media, having a product company, sending out newsletters…all that is helpful but if you don’t have the master system that makes it all work, you’ll never make enough to replace your salary, you don’t have to do it alone.

I know this because I learned it the hard way. After spending 6 YEARS working for a company and giving my heart every single day making a decent income, it was obvious I was missing something really important…. my purpose.

After I had my WAKE-UP CALL, I fell into a binge of late-night website worrying, hoping I could “research” what other successful female entrepreneurs were doing that I wasn’t.

“What do they have that I don’t?”

This was the question I asked myself when I first started my business and was laid off. I knew I was good enough to be “one of them” but after having to live off of $42 a week. I knew that was it, I was never going to be on the bottom ever again.

Embarrassed by my own desperation, depression, and lack, I remember standing, praying, pacing the room, and blurting out loud to myself, “I NEED A BREAKTHROUGH!”

Though I didn’t know where the words came from, the moment they left my mouth I immediately knew they were true.

The reason I spent 2 years training my supervisor while building a BIG BUSINESS, was my passion and desire to see women win daily.

Though my intentions were good, my misguided resistance to investing in my business left me playing not to lose instead of playing to dominate.

Look the REAL “game” of business is SYSTEMS. You need a High-Level Coach and Mentor.

Within weeks of setting up these very specific systems, you:

Will Grow your email list from a couple hundred to a few thousand, if you desire

Began earning hundreds of dollars in sales including experiencing your first 5-figure months

Grow your social media from a few hundred to THOUSANDS

Sell products and programs to clients, many of which will buy multiple times

Grow your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter from less than 100 people to a community of over thousands

Land speaking engagements, including paid ones (Yes You!)

Travel and Build the Life of Your Dreams… FINALLY!




Systems + Faith + Support = Success

If You’re Ready to GO BIG, I Can Fast Track Your Success…

With my success signature high-level coaching program, you can start experiencing online success in as little as 6 weeks. Starting with an intensive followed by 6 weeks of follow-up support, you’ll walk away with the strategies and systems to grow your business on autopilot.

A sample of what you’ll learn when we work together includes:

module 1 (2).png

Learn how to create with incredible offers, products, services your audience can’t wait to buy

Craft a magnetizing opt-in freebie (“lead magnet”) that builds demand for your products and quickly adds thousands to your email list.

Discover how to position your products in just the right way to generate hundreds of dollars in sales on autopilot every day

module 1 (1).png

Make your landing pages BOOM with personal but persuasive language so your audience not only subscribes but buys

Personal library of templates so that all the hard work of writing copy for landing pages, sales pages, emails, and even Facebook ads are done for you

Learn THE FIRE SALES copy to use to increase sign-ups to your email list, services, and programs

module 1 (3).png

Create automated email marketing campaigns that engage your community and blow-up your bank account

Setup 2 seriously secret tools that will explode your sales but enable you to run ads for free.

Craft a “behind the scenes” sales process that causes people buy your products or services immediately – no more waiting around for a handful of sales to trickle in!

module 1 (4)

Learn how to design pretty an profitable Facebook ads, even if you have no graphic design software and zero design skills

Make money on demand with Social Media ads just like the experts do – even if you’ve tried them before and feel like you wasted your time

Setup up your ads in such a way where it’s almost like Facebook is giving you free money (how would you like to run ads for $0 AND make a $100 profit daily? I do this every day…)

module 1 (5)Learn the insider details to build a lucrative launch and profitable promotions

Master social media and effortlessly enroll clients into your higher ticket programs

Monitor and maintain your newly built system so it stays profitable for you for years to come

module 1 (6)Learn how to set strategic goals and reach them on autopilot

Learn Kingdom principles that will create influence

Develop a strategy to achieve ultimate success with less stress

You Can Choose An Extraordinary Life and Extraordinary Business, Not All Women Are Truly Ready for a Higher Level of Success

I have several programs and products to help women at all levels, I’m very specific about the kind of women I work with in this very high-value, one-on-one coaching program.

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is for:

Women who want to EXPAND OR Women who are new to business but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning

Women who see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will “shortcut” their success

Women who are genuinely good at what they do and want to offer their talent to the world

Women who are tired of “running rapidly after” money in their business every month and want an automated way to attract clients and sales

Women who say YES to learning new things and enjoy challenging themselves

Women who want to GO BIG in life, business, and faith

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is NOT for:

Women who are beginners and need help coming up with business ideas

Women who are concerned with “saving money” in their business than they are with getting a return

Women who are so financially strapped that they literally have zero resources to put into their business right now

Women who are not ready to take their business to the next level



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Monthly Membership is a powerful entry-level coaching course providing great ongoing live access to LaShanda and her team. Through business and life-enriching monthly calls, success lessons and emails, you will revitalize your business, unlock potential, remove mental blocks to success and live your dreams NOW. (initial month is $27 than $47 monthly ongoing)

Success Membership


One of the things that I do BEST! Find the MOST strategic ways of getting connected to the right people, increasing your financial funnels, and creating systems, operations and strategic plans that get your initiatives DONE, and your business goals met.

How we work together, what to expect, benefits and how we can get started are covered as well. For my highest and most personalized support and coaching, become a private coaching client.

Learn how to be the success you were meant to be. There will be a total of (2) 60-min group coaching sessions every month. Along with 1-month month coaching services, you have unlimited email access plus you get the added bonus access for 3 months to the Design Your Life Around the Business You Love Enrichment Sessions.



Quarterly, DREAM BUILD SUCCESS offers one 2 Week Online Mastermind Groups that are as engaging as they are intense and POWERFUL. The members of these SUCCESS Groups have gone on to create growing businesses, create academies, become authors, start their businesses, finally become profitable and create global educational tours. Make sure to sign up to get updates on the next Virtual Mastermind Session.



PRIVATE COACHING is LIVE (in person in Houston) or Online one-on-one sessions with you and me.  These sessions are INTENSE and cover the MAJOR foundations, systems, operations, marketing, and the financial buckets in your business. We will conduct these sessions via online platforms or in person if you’re in the Houston area. LaShanda enrolls a limited number of students, enroll for your complimentary twenty-minute consultation.   Book your call now.



Coaching can be done virtual or online OR in person. Custom packages are available where I can come to you in your state/country, or you are always welcome to come to the Dream Build Success office.

Will I receive a book or curriculum? The curriculum and detailed coaching plan are created for a fully committed entrepreneur.  So, typically, a payment plan is not available. Email us if you have any additional questions.

How long should I enroll?  During the course of 3 months, an hour session is held once every 2 weeks. Within 3 months, depending on schedules,  Session package should be complete within 90 days or less.

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