LaShanda Gary will host the 2018 Dream Build Success in Houston, Texas. Meet speaker Dr. Kimberly Ellison’s. Dr. Ellison's passion and purpose is seeing, experiencing and being a vital part of the personal, professional and spiritual growth and development of people. Her professional career lends itself to over 15 years of experience, providing effective and innovative training and performance improvement solutions to national and international organizations through strategy development, program execution, and training implementation.


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Are you in need of a major breakthrough? Do you need a miracle? Are you hungry for more God? Do you feel lost? Are you silently frustrated? Are you confused about what you should do next? Is your family needing some real revelation? Listen, my prayer life has gotten me promoted time, after time, after time... Take a few minutes to thank God in advance. Thank him for his power, answered prayers, and healing virtue. Take a few minutes to say this powerful prayer.