Most marketers know the importance of creating unique content for different social mediums. For instance, would you use the same exact copy in a paid search ad that you did in a tweet? I hope I'm hearing a resounding, “No!”


Dream Build Success panelist, Andy Smith is fulfilling his purpose and passion in the Kingdom as one of God’s end-time prophetic voices. As he travels from ministry to ministry releasing the power of God by way of workshops, conferences and seminars, lives are changed, bodies healed, souls saved and purposes are revealed as God Encounters are invoked all over the land.

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Your must have social media checklist to keep you on task, on purpose, and relevant. Am I posting in the heat of anger? Proverbs 14:17 Do I have all the facts? Proverbs 18:13 Have I verified the story? Deuteronomy 17:6 Could my post be considered gossip? Proverbs 16:28 Will my post offend a weaker brother? … Continue reading The Ultimate Social Media Checklist