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We host business courses, conferences, workshops, and seminars that educate, empower, and engage. We host each year and every product or service we create in this company is done specifically to make YOU grow strategically.

Reallocate for Returns

Have you asked yourself, objectively, which piece of your business is crippling growth? It might not be entirely overt, but with a little digging you can almost always identify what pathways you're pursuing that simply aren't delivering a strong yield.

Meet CEO Porshea Wilkins-Agomo

Meet Dream Build Success Conference Panelist, Porshea Wilkins-Agomo Porshea Wilkins-Agomo (born Porshea Mitchell of Hearne, Texas) is a Wife, Mother, Purpose Mid-Wife and successful Entrepreneur who resides in Houston, Texas with her Husband Jarrod and daughter Chandler.


LaShanda Gary will host the 2018 Dream Build Success in Houston, Texas. Meet speaker Dr. Kimberly Ellison’s. Dr. Ellison's passion and purpose is seeing, experiencing and being a vital part of the personal, professional and spiritual growth and development of people. Her professional career lends itself to over 15 years of experience, providing effective and innovative training and performance improvement solutions to national and international organizations through strategy development, program execution, and training implementation.


Shalondria Taylor is a dynamic preacher, psalmist, and author. Pastor Taylor serves as a mentor and role model to countless teenage and young adult women. She is the founder of Young Esthers Inc., a mentorship program designed to empower young women through the areas of intercession, intellect, and influence.


If you’re wondering why I created the Dream Build Success Conference, well it’s the answer to many pondering questions and dilemmas in personal and professional development. Whether you’re a business owner, executive leader, worshipper, intercessor, a dreamer that desires more...this is the event you’ve been waiting for. It’s the perfect setting to cultivate growth and … Continue reading GROW YOUR BOTTOM LINE, BRAND, & BUSINESS


Do you find yourself with challenges, frustrating task, not focused? Discover how to build a successful week and up-level your thinking, one step at a time.