I went from living paycheck to paycheck to 5 figures! The confidence of all the people in the room is contagious! Everyone being transparent, naked, and unashamed really stood out to me. You definitely leave there educated and empowered.

~T. Evans

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“I loved this event! I wrapped 6 people! Sold all our energy drinks and several new loyal customers ready to use our all natural plant-based products, to meet their health and wellness goals and #dreambuildsuccess so excited to also have met 2 new potential business partners wanting to join our team.”

Sylvia Escontrias 

ItWorks!® Independent Distributor/Presidential leader bound at It Works Global

I was giving up! It was something about being in that room with leaders who had such an impact on me and my thoughts and feelings about myself. I left feeling like I could accomplish anything and that I too one day will lead and teach!!! Awesome! I will focus and continue to work hard and grow and be apart of an amazing event one day! It also made me want to read my Bible more and understand things on another level! This was honestly the first conference I’ve ever attended and it was great!!!

~LaTasha Jenkins, Bomb-Lious

lakeishaLaShanda gets right to the meat of what needs to be done. I like it that she is transparent and lets you know of some shortcuts. I love when she stated, “You can’t be lazy and have luxury!” Listen, we have to work to eat. And when you want to eat well, you need to consistently put your hands to the plow! It will pay off for generations to come! Thank you for taking time out and putting this priceless class together! Your heart is truly for people being successful and showing Kingdom!

La. Harrell Styling Company
Lakeisha Harrell


Before consulting with LaShanda, I had no idea how I would make my dream happen. I only knew I had a dream that seemed impossible. I decided to ask for help, this is when the expert stepped in, I went from making zero dollars to twenty-four dollars in one year in my business. Her programs have changed my life, family, and entire ministry.


The entire structure of the conference along with the content given has provided our business with a pattern, principles, and professionalism tools to flow in excellence with what God has given us. Setting up the flow of our content was an area we are planning presently. In closing, keeping the Word of the Lord in it was so uplifting especially when you ate called to kingdom business that will filter over into the secular world. BDS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
~Rosalind Kyle

CEO & Founder NEW BREED INC / Fresh Wind International Arts Ministries

collette“Dream Build Success has been very instrumental in me stepping out and becoming an author and walking in my purpose. It has encouraged me to go as far as God is willing to take me. It has given me networking tools, along with social media marketing skills that have taken me closer to my vision.  Dream Build Success has motivated hundreds to take their business and brand to another level. So if you desire to do what you never thought you could do, or be who others never thought you could be, Dream Build Success is the driving force that can get you there. It offers sold-out conferences, business classes, mentoring, boot camps and other products that will cause your business to boom. Dream Build Success will inspire you to dream it, give you the tools to build it and empower you to succeed at giving your purpose a voice.”
~Collette Conner

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Angelias Boutique

National Football League, NFL Professional Players

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